One of the greatest Enemy
State of Mind that willingly Surrender
Evidence that deodars something Impossible
Raising with anxiety
High degree of scepticism
It could be liker to 2 wolves
Constantly wrestling in the mind
One getting father, the other thinner
One constantly & Constantly gaining control
Over the other
They are Faith and Fear
Whichever you NURSE will grow.
Affecting Lives, CODRAM

Affecting Lives
Affecting Lives is about
The most treasonable or pleasurable gift
A man could offer to another on earth
It’s about living your life with your pencil gift
Showing or portraying how to live a
Meaningful Life.
D most palatable gesture
Is about touching lives
Inspiring trodden lives, The Depressed, oppressed
Or suppressed
Shooing or Assuring then of a better future
Making live meaningful to the next man
Beside you.
Telling your Neighbor that life is worth
Living because Jesus Lives…………

Keeping faith where kept faithfulness
Doing the night thing at the right time righteousness 
Keeping faith where kept without been told or interned
Is a catalyst that steers a good leader / Leadership.
Doing the right thing irrespective of the Circumstance.
An uncompressing faith at the face of uncertainty
Is a momentum for good Leadership
The act of unyielding mind even when the
Temptation seemly dancing seducively.    

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